NEPHRO-CATH™ 肾(盂)造瘘引流导管及套装


Ease of Insertion

  • Reinforced tip to help prevent catheter accordioning during insertion
  • Enhanced surface lubricity of UreSil Tru-Slide Plus™ hydrophilic coating facilitates catheter advancement and tracking

Patient Comfort

  • Ureflex-Soft catheter material is designed to provide enhanced patient comfort


  • Exceptional catheter material features inherent column strength, reducing risk of catheter buckling and kinking
  • Thin wall design, large skived drainage holes along with large bore hub provide excellent flow rates
  • Patented locking mechanism is leak resistant and provides secure fixation of the pigtail
  • Smooth, lubricious surface of the catheter’s inner wall can help reduce encrustation
  • Ureflex®-Soft material for enhanced patient comfort
  • Kink resistant
  • Large skived drainage holes
  • Large bore hub
  • Leak resistant locking mechanism

NEPHRO-CATH™ 肾(盂)造瘘引流导管可锁定型

Includes catheter, metal cannula, flexible cannula with obturator and septum cap. 5 units per box.

Size/Length* Hydrophilic-coated Ureflex-Soft Hydrophilic-coated Non-coated
8F / 27 cm NCL2-0835HB NCL2-0835H NCL2-0835
10F / 27 cm NCL2-1035HB NCL2-1035H NCL2-1035
12F / 27 cm NCL2-1235HB NCL2-1235H NCL2-1235
14F / 28 cm NCL2-1435HB NCL2-1435H NCL2-1435
8F / 40 cm NCL2-0850HB
10F / 40 cm NCL2-1050HB
12F / 40 cm NCL2-1250HB
14F / 41 cm NCL2-1450HB

NEPHRO-CATH™ 肾(盂)造瘘引流导管非锁定型

Size/Length* Hydrophilic-coated Ureflex-Soft Hydrophilic-coated  
8F / 29 cm NCP-0835HB NCP-0835H  
10F / 29 cm NCP-1035HB NCP-1035H  
12F / 29 cm NCP-1235HB NCP-1235H  
14F / 28 cm NCP-1435HB NCP-1435H  

NEPHRO-CATH™ 肾(盂)造瘘引流套装

5 units per box. Includes:
  • Hydrophilic-Coated Ureflex-Soft Drainage Catheter with locking pigtail
  • Metal cannula
  • Flexible cannula with obturator
  • Septum cap
  • POSI-STICK® Introducer Set with Platinum Tip (coaxial 4F & 6F dilator set with cannula, 21 GA Needle with echogenic tip)
  • .018" Nitinol Guidewire with Platinum Tip
  • .038" Guidewire
  • 8F Dilator
  • 10F Dilator**
**included in 10F kit only.
Size/Length* Order No.
8F / 27 cm NCL2-0835HB-K
10F / 27 cm NCL2-1035HB-K

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