TRU-CLOSE® 引流袋系列


Suction Bags

  • Compact and self contained system allows complete patient ambulation
  • Closed system dasign reduces the chance of cross conatmination
  • Bag sizes 300ml, 500ml and 1000ml

Gravity Bags

  • 20" or 36" tubing length
  • 600ml capacity
  • Soft and pliable for patient comfort


  • Aspiration/Flush adapter
  • Funnel end connector tubing
  • Y connector for bilateral drainage

TRU-CLOSE® Suction Drainage System

Order Number Bag Capacity Units/Box
TCS500 500ml 10
TCS1000 1000ml 10
TCS500D* 500ml 10
TCS300D* 300ml 10

TRU-CLOSE® Gravity Drainage System

Order Number Inlet Tube Length Units/Box
TC600 20" 20
TC600L 36" 20
AFA Aspiration/Flush Adapter Units/Box
AFA-01 5

Percutaneous Drainage Catheter Connector Tubing

Order Number Units/Box
PDC-36 10

"Y" Connector Tubing Set for bilateral drainage

Order Number Units/Box
TCY2 5

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